Archive of Dutch chess games in PGN format, for viewing and free download (maintained until 2002)

The aim of DutchBase was to be a comprehensive database of games played in important chess events in The Netherlands. The idea came from John Saunders, who started his BritBase in 1997. Several other national chess databases can now be found on the Web, and Holland, having played an important role in the chess world, could not stay behind. DutchBase strived for quality rather than quantity. All the games in the files on this site have been checked, and the player names are given with as much detail as possible. For players from parts of the world with other alphabets, the standard transcription has been used. All files are in PGN-format. At the last update of 28.8.2002, there are 611 files (51.216 games including some blanks) that can be viewed and downloaded. Behind every event you will find two numbers: a total number for the games played in that event, and a number for the games missing in the gamefile.

Thanks to Gert Ligterink, Hans Ree, Tim Krabbé, Joop Simmelink, Andy Ansel, Henk Vinkes, Eduardo Bauzá Mercére, Anjo Anjewierden, Zdenek Zavodny, Jaap van der Kooij, Luc Winants, Steve Wrinn, Adrie Pancras, Adrie Schuit, W.G. Sanderse, Herman van Engen, Luc Compagnie, Henk van der Poel, René van den Broek, Hans Bouwmeester, Geurt Gijssen and Rob van Aurich without whose help DutchBase would not have been possible.

© DutchBase Founder & Archivist : Jack Goossens

[The MEC dutifully presents this database, that hasn’t been updated since 2002. It remains as it has been from the start: a treasure chest of chess games played in the Netherlands.. The MEC humbly welcomes any additions to and improvements of Dutchbase.]