Picture-exposition Lennart Ootes

Garri Kasparov

Lennart Ootes has a passion for chess coverage. Since 2012 he has provided services for chess events, including many of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. By attending over 25 tournaments a year, he is the most experienced chess broadcaster on the circuit. 

One of his best known specialties is Chess Photography. In 2018 he was awarded as Chess Photographer of the Year by the Russian Chess Federation.

Expositie Lennart2

From his vaste collection of chess pictures OOtes has put together a selection that is now on display at the Max Euwe Centre. In the hallway leading up to the museum there are 20 beautiful pictures on the walls. Five more can be found in our library. It stands to reason several top players are amongst the chosen photographs, but you will also find several stunning photographs of chess amateurs.

Expositie Lennart3